Youtube Now Allows Users To Filter Subscriptions For Easier Content Search

Image credits: Google

One of the Platforms where everyone prefers watching the video content on the mobile phone is Youtube. These modern, YouTube has eventually become a global platform where most of the users do prefer watching videos of their favorite creators. And youtube continues to bring in and paint it with new features and this time they have introduced the filter feature to the homepage which will help the users to filter the content they want to watch among the channels they have subscribed with just one click.

As per the company here are all the new Topics that will be available in your subscription feed:

  •  Lists of all videos from channels you’re subscribed to from latest to oldest. This will continue to be your default setting.
  •  Today: Shows you videos that were published within the past 24 hours.
  • Continue Watching: Only shows you videos that you previously started watching but haven’t finished yet.
  • Unwatched: Only shows you videos you haven’t yet watched.
  • Live: Only shows you livestream videos and YouTube Premieres.
  • Posts: Shows you Community posts from channels you’re subscribed to — you won’t see any videos in this view.

Please note that as of now this feature is rolling out to the YouTube app for iOS and will make its way to the Android app uses in the near future.



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