YouTube Music App Brings New Update Adding Lyrics Feature


In its recent update Youtube brings the most needed feature to its YouTube Music application by bringing users an option to add lyrics to individual songs. Though this feature is not new to public as this feature is widely available in many well known music applications like Spotify, Apple Music, Jio Music and likewise.

YouTube Music is nothing but another music service by Google providing better and wide access to music of diffrent genres and languages and with the lyrics added to the list, now users can enjoy the songs with singing along and thereby understand its meaning too. But unlike other apps, this feature of YouTube Music comes with a con.

As said earlier, though adding lyrics to songs is a very good option but the con here is that the users need to move them along on own, as the lyrics doesn’t sync on their own to the tunes for YouTube Music. If you can ignore this, then this app is definitely a great option for playing music of your interest as it provides user enough content to spend some good time listening to desired track.

YouTube Music Premium is available for $9.99/month and with this subscription users get to listen ad-free music and videos which can be downloaded and later viewed offline, not only that here its possible to listen to the tracks while keeping the smartphone display off. As of now the new lyrics feature is available only for the music app while it’s unclear when the same will be available for the desktop version.


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