YouTube Limits Video Quality To 480p For Android In India


It’s not new that we are facing a degrade in the video streaming quality in India as its been a while since we have been experiencing a low (SD) quality videos on the most of Online Video Streaming Services but earlier it was limited for only devices running on Cellular Data due to growth in online traffic amid country lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak. But in recent news, we got to see that YouTube has restricted the video quality to only 480p on every device regardless its running on cellular data or Wi-Fi.

But what makes users go astonished is because of the harsh decision taken by YouTube without any communication about their new adaptations. Besides reducing and limiting the quality to SD, YouTube has totally removed the higher qualities of streaming leaving users no option to choose a suitable quality for their videos.

As this restrictions are limited to only states like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and few others in India now, users from such states are complaining and blaming creators for uploading a low quality video as the restrictions were limited to cellular data users earlier. In view of this scenario, these new changes might be implemented for every State sooner or later.

On the other side, the desktop version of YouTube gets no such restrictions which is a bit relief as users get to watch the videos in high quality of 1080p by default. Android users feel that the above decision by YouTube seems unfair and needs a change for the betterment of their services.


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