YouTube Adapts Indian Numbering On Their App In India


It’s been years since we are used to see the count of views, subscribers, likes, and such in thousands and millions on YouTube across the world in most of the countries and it’s seems like YouTube has planned to skip this numeric system in India and bring the local units such as Lakhs (Lacs) & Crores to display those counts.

Though the world shares a same base unit system starting with 10 as their count, but most of the countries have their own significant numbering system and magnitude. India is not the first country to receive such changes as this adaptations were already in play for some countries like China and Japan, where YouTube uses their local units in their language.

However, it’s good to see YouTube adapting the local numbering system for a country like India where people are more familiar with lakh and crore rather than millions. We really wish to see more of local preferences across many other apps to make it more easy for their customers to use and understand their application.


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