Xiaomi Wuhan Headquarter Today Opened After Nearly Two Months


Today Xiaomi had announced that their Wuhan headquarters has resumed. The company had called the first batch of employees to the headquarters with an epidemic care package includes masks, hand sanitizer and red envelope. 

Xiaomi has shown its attention to its employees of Wuhan headquarters during today’s work. They have provided them meals and there have been temperature measurements as well. Xiaomi asks them to follow the instructions strictly. All this attention to build a strong defense against the CoronaVirus pandemic.

Wuhan headquarters was recently opened in December 2019 and was a force to shut down due to CoronaVirus in January. Now nearly two months later the headquarters has finally opened again. Employees were on forced vacation for two months. 

Xiaomi Wuhan headquarters’ surface area nearly about 52000 sq feet and spread in ‘L’ shape and the no. of employees is more than 2000 in that headquarters. 

Wuhan is the city in China where the first CoronaVirus (COVID-19) was discovered and since then it has spread all over the world. But now the situation in the Wuhan is under control and the companies are coming on the track.


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