Xiaomi Wearable Shipments Hits 100M Shipments in 6 Years

Xiaomi Wearable Shipments exceed 100M in 6 years: Mi Band 5 launch could be near

IDC has released a report regarding the Xiaomi shipments, And according to the report, the global wearable smart product from Xiaomi has reached 100 million sales units in six years,  between the period of 2014 to 2019. This milestone is a significant achieved by Xiaomi. And at the same time, Xiaomi is also teasing an upcoming launch which might be regarding the next wearable device.

Xiaomi is the largest smart band manufacturer in China and Globally, it is only second to Apple, and ahead of Samsung, Huawei, and Fitbit.


Xiaomi the Chinese giant is very much popular in smart wearable products, especially in Mi fitness bands. In 2019 the company sold 41.7 million units of smart wearables alone.

Furthermore, the company is teasing for the upcoming product and rumors are suggesting that the company will release the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 on April 3. Recently Xiaomi announces that they are going to launch 22 devices on April 3 but there is no specific mention of Mi Band 5.


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