Xiaomi was the only Smartphone Company To See Growth Globally During Lockdown Q1 2020

Xiaomi was the only Smartphone Company To See Growth Globally During Lockdown Q1 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus the global smartphone market has seen a decline by 20.2 percent in terms of total sales which is obvious. While all the brands saw a decline globally, one company from china still witnessed growth during the first quarter of 2020, and many of you have already been guessed the name of that company, yeah it is Xiaomi. 

Gartner, A well known analytic firm released a new report in which Global Sales declined by 20.2% in Q1 2020. The reason we all know is the pandemic of COVID-19. Most of the Chinese companies had stopped their factories and supply chain including Apple as well. 

Gartner Report
Gartner Analysis

In the list of the top 5 smartphone brands in the world, Xiaomi is the only company that hasn’t seen any decline. The Chinese tech giant company witnessed a growth of 1.4% YoY from 2019, during the Q1 of 2020. On the other hand, Brands like Samsung saw a sizeable decline of 22.7% & Huawei sales shrank by 27.3%. Apple has seen a low decline when compared to another with just an 8.2% fall in sales, although, OPPO also suffered by a decline of 24.2 percent during Q1.

Coronavirus is the primary reason for this all but companies have also their own problems too. HUAWEI is trying to make the situation good this himself and trying to switch from GMS to HMS, Xiaomi is trying to cover Global marketing. Samsung and Apple are also suffered from many lockdowns. 

At last, we hope the pandemic of COVID-19 will be end soon and all the OEMs will come back with their full potential.


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