Xiaomi Sold 110 Million Of Redmi Note-Series Smartphones Globally

Image Source: Xiaomi

Redmi Note series which came into existence in 2014 with Redmi Note became so popular throughout globe because the series offer better specification at lower price range. Redmi gained to much of attention in India only because of this Redmi Note. Now during the lauch event of Redmi Note 9 series Xiaomi announced that it has sold over 110 million units of Redmi Note series worldwide since its launch till the fourth quarter of 2019. Redmi is now independent brand and Redmi Note 9 series will help in pushing the sales further.

The announcement about the milestone was announced during the event and also in a twitter post from Xiaomi .

Xiaomi through the years has launched a number of variants of Redmi Note series from Redmi Note to Redmi Note 8 Pro all of them became popular in a good way. Among all of them the Redmi Note 4 was the top-selling smartphone in India in 2017.
At the Redmi Note series event on 2th March 14, 2020, xiaomi also announced some other milestones of Redmi Note series. Like, Redmi Note 4G was launched in India first, while the Redmi Note 4 was best-selling in India in three out of four quaters. The Redmi Note 5 was India’s highest selling lineup in 2018, while the Redmi Note 7 lineup took the crown for 2019. Now it is expected Redmi Note 9 series will make it in top selling smartphone list in 2020.



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