Xiaomi India Teased A New Product Launching On 16th March

Xiaomi India teases a new product (Image Credit : Xiaomi India Twitter)

Xiaomi India has teased one more product coming on 16th March. Xiaomi India is expanding its accessories line-up rapidly. They had launched Mi Outdoor Speaker, Mi Motion Activated Night Light, Dual-Driver wired earphones, Mi electric Toothbrush and more recently. Now Xiaomi India has teased one more accessory which is coming on 16th March and it should be a ‘Power Bank’ with wireless charging support. 

Xiaomi India posted a tweet which says

One less wire to deal with. Mi fans, it’s time to #CutTheCord. All the power you need without any hassle. Guess what this is.

This suggests that it is going to be something wireless and if you will dive in the video it suggests that it is going to be something related to charging, so passing through this teaser it looks like it could be a Wireless Power Bank.

Also, the Mi 10 is coming to India in the near future which supports Wireless Charging, it is one more reason that teased product will be a Wireless charging Power Bank.


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