WhatsApp Will Soon Allow You To Use Same Account On Multiple Devices


WhatsApp is so far the most often and widely used messaging application globally with more than 5 billion downloads. Besides beinga top rated app on Play Store, WhatsApp messenger lacks behind few important features when compared to its rivals like telegram which provides advanced features like message deletion, edit message, same account on multiple devices and more.

Till date, we cannot use same account on multiple devices. In case, if a user want to use the same account on other device, the account on the first get’s disabled automatically once they log in into their second device. It’s never too late to do something good and WhatsApp is doing the same now by improvising it’s messenger app by adding more features one by one and here’s one new feature which came to limelight recently in its beta version which will now allow user’s to use a same account on multiple devices.

There were lots of rumours about WhatsApp that it will be allowing to use same account in parallel on multiple devices which seem to become true soon as in the latest leaks of its beta version we got to see a screenshot of a chat window from the app which shows a encrypted message which will be showing up when adding or deleting devices.

At present, this feature is still not available for every beta user and as this feature still not available for iOS, we may have to wait for some more time to see it going live on the app. Hopefully we may see many developments in the WhatsApp messenger in upcoming days as there are many features in work as per the recent leaks.


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