WhatsApp Beta Reveals Important Details About Its Expiring Messages Feature


Earlier we have shared you some information about the addition of new Self-Destruction of messages feature in WhatsApp Beta and today we bring you more details about the same feature which is really impressive as it seems that WhatsApp has planned it in some special way unlike few other applications.

Image: WhatsAppbetainfo

WhatsApp has named this feature as “Expiring Messages” as there is something interesting about it when compared to other apps. Generally we get to see a self-destruction option for messages only for secret chats. But WhatsApp has something new to offer and hence they named it Expiring Messages, as this feature is not limited for secret chats anymore, perhaps it is going to be integrated into common chats.

Image: WhatsAppbetainfo

This feature is available for administrators of Android Beta version 2.20.110 of WhatsApp, while betas 2.20.83 and 2.20.84 also got to see this expiring messages feature for individual chats. It seems that WhatsApp is yet to decide what to call this feature as they presently named it as Expiring Messages. Once this feature show up for Android Beta users, then only we could get to know more details about it.


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