Self-Destruction Of Messages Is Coming Soon To WhatsApp

Image Credits: Google

WhatsApp In Works To Bring The Self Destruction Option For Messages

While talking about features, whatsapp is still under progressive stage while compared to many of its similar kind of apps. After rolling out Dark-mode feature in their recent updates, WhatsApp team is in works to bring the self destruction of messages option to their application.

In a recent news it was confirmed that WhatsApp is trying to bring back the automatic deletion of messages option and now its seemed to not to be limited to just group chats and this option reappeared in the beta versions 2.20.83 and 2.20.84 of WhatsApp.

Image Credits: Gizchina

Similar to other apps, from the above images we can see that there are options of timmings to adjust the self destruction of messages for a two-party conversation. Once the timer is set to the desired time which ranges from a period of time between 1 hour to 1 year, there appears a timer clock beside the user message which represents the time of destruction for that message from the time of sending and once the time is completed the message gets deleted by itself.

As of now there is no clear sign as if when this feature will be rolled out on stable version for all whatsApp users as it is still in development stage and once everything is set, the updates will rollout accordingly to all its users according to the whatsApp preferences.




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