Samsung Working On 150MP Camera Sensor: Xiaomi To Implement This Sensor First In its Smartphone

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After 108MP Camera technology by samsung it is time for 150MP mobile camera sensor. According to a new report Samsung is reportedly working on a new 150-megapixel sensor for flagship Smartphones.

According to the reports Samsung’s 150MP sensor will be equipped with nonacell pixel binning tech (9-in-1), resulting in 16MP shots, up from 12MP shots like the Galaxy S20 Ultra produces (the same version of the sensor used by Xiaomi only supports 4-in-1 binning).

The New 150MP sensor from Samsung will be massive – 1″, comparable with the Sony RX100 cameras. Which is noticeably larger than the 1/1.33″ISOCELL Bright HMX that was the first used in 108MP sensor. The sensor will finally top the 1/1.2″ sensor that the Nokia 808 PureView used previously.

Image Credits: Google

Xiaomi was the first to implement 108MP camera sensor. And the reports are suggesting that Xiaomi in partnership with samsung will be the first again to implement the 150MP sensor in their phone. The sensor is set to launch in Q4 2020. Reportedly Oppo and vivo will follow the trend and will use the new sensor in early 2021.

well we have to wait for the official annoucement from Samsung reagarding the same.

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