Image: Qualcomm

Today’s smartphone are all about Camera, Chipset, Display, and Battery-Charging capabilities and every brand is showing keen interest in providing the best components and industry-leading features to attract customers of every segment. Despite having a bigger battery, user’s are showing more interest on the fast-charging feature which would boost up that massive battery within a short span of time when compared to regular charging, with this a user not only saves his time but also gets enough battery for day to day operations within a single charge on their devices.

It is sad to see that many of the budget range smartphones still rely on 18W or even worse charging solutions and to change this inconvenience, Qualcomm has unveiled it’s all-new Quick Charge 3+ technology. This is an advanced fast charging technology at a lower price point to make those affordable smartphones more standardized.

Qualcomm stated that the all-new Quick Charge 3+ feature will show up firstly on their latest Snapdragon 765 & Snapdragon 765G Series. Xiaomi’s latest launched device Mi 10 Lite Zoom ( Mi 10 Youth Edition) which comes powered by the Snapdragon765G, will be the world’s first smartphone to feature the all-new Quick Charge 3+ technology and besides that, it will also be the first to get the Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ charging technology.

Advancements of Quick Charge 3+

Image: Qualcomm

Fast Charging and better efficiency: This latest technology will charge a device from 0%-50% in just 15 minutes, which is 35% faster and 9 °C cooler than its predecessor.

Quick Charge 3+ will support USB Type-A to Type-C cables and accessories with industry standards that support scalable voltage with 20mV steps from Quick Charge 4.

Quick Charge 3+ is capable of providing a more flexible charging experience with its backward compatibility with previous generations.

Quick Charge 3+ has got other key features too such as integrated cable power capability/identification and it comes with various safety mechanisms.

Quick Charge 3+ supports new PMICs such as SMB1395/SMB1396, which will bring great advantages such as support of ultra-fast charging with lower-cost, allowing Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to upgrade to higher charge power with the same software implementation, eliminate the external components like Over Voltage Protection chips and sensor resistors.

One more important feature of Quick Charge 3+ is that it comes with a “support of two inputs”, which means that it supports both wireless and wired charging and can also be used simultaneously.


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