Now You Can Transcribe Your Voice To Any Language Instantly, Thanks To Google Translate

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Google BlogGoogleGoogle is an amazing company holding many apps under its hood and thereby providing best of its services to all it’s end users. One of such applications is Google Translate, a tool used to know meaning of words or sentences from many unknown languages and thereby help to understand them.

Google Translate can even scan text in an image and show the meaning of those words in desired language besides just translating words from one language to other one. In their latest updates, Google brings the most awaited feature to their Translate application which will now be able to transcribe any voice into desired language as output instantly and immediately with a single tap on its transcribe button.

Google blog

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Once a user taps on transcribe button, the application starts to understand and translate your voice into text in desired language. Not only that, it has also got an option to switch between dark mode and light mode themes and a user can also increase the font size for better view and readability.

As of now Google has provided the instant transcription for only few selective languages which are English, Hindi, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Thai. Since this feature is in its early stages, we might hopefully see more languages adding to this list in future. Though this feature is Ready-To-Go but Google asks it’s users to wait till they reach out all the Android devices in coming days and also recommends to keep the application up to date.


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