Non-Facebook Users Can Now Get Acess Facebook Live On Mobile


In recent times there a rapid growth in live video due to the COVID-19 outbreak and Facebook is in works to provide its non-users an option to watch live streaming from their devices which was only limited to desktop version earlier. While the iOS users might have to wait for some more time to see the feature go live on their devices, few Android users have already started experiencing it.

Facebook has also planned a backup plan for its live stream services to make it more user-friendly and accessable for everyone by ‘Public Switch Telephone Network’ which allows the users with limited internet access to only listen to audio of the live stream. By this such users not only save their data but also get information from live at same time.

Not only that, automatic integration of subtitles to live videos is another feature from Facebook for a better engagement purpose among its users. In order to make the dynamic process more fluid, better and organized, Facebook is providing to the live users a set of tools which would help them moderate the comments and also technically improve the live streaming and get proper attention of the audience.

To support the cause of internet facilities for better utilisation and to decrease the online load, Facebook and Instagram has also decreased the quality of their videos amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


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