How to Play YouTube Videos in Picture in Picture Mode Without YouTube Premium

Image credit: Play Store

If you have ever wondered how to play Youtube videos in picture in picture mode or in a little window and doing the other task simultaneously but you don’t have Youtube Premium subscription. Here we are going to tell you step by step process to play YouTube videos in PiP mode.

Firstly, you have to install an app called Stream. Click here to install it.

Step 1- Install the Stream app.

Step 2- Allow the app to draw over other apps.

Step 3- Turn On the Stream app in Draw over other apps settings.

Step 4- Play videos of your choice.

[OPTIONAL] You can also change the default window size according to your preference.

Step 5- Open the app

Step 6- Go to Settings

Step 7- Click on Pop-up player size under Player option

Step- Select your desire option

play video in background

Now you can go back and continue doing your other task while listening to your music or watching videos. Keep in mind that this app can’t let you play music in screen-off mode state of the device. But we have workaround for this also.

Follow the below steps:

Step 1- Open in Chrome browser.

Step 2- Now tap on three vertical dot buttons and click on the Desktop Site.

Step 4- Now your video will play in desktop mode

Now you can close the Chrome browser and enjoy the music in the background. You can also control the music from the Notification Panel and Lockscreen.


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