How Google is helping to contain misinformation about COVID-19


Google is an internet giant and the majority of world queries come via Google traffic.
In this time of fake news and misinformation, Google is helping people to get and find the right information about COVID-19 which is now a pandemic around the world.

Here are some measures Google has taken to contain fake news and misinformation around Corona Virus.

Showing Right information on Google Search:

Google search is showing a dynamic view when people searching about Corona Virus on Google search. Google has added an SOS alert feature on the top which shows the latest news about COVID-19, safety tips and links to know more about the disease from the World Health Organization.

YouTube and Google Maps:

Google Blog

On YouTube, searching about Corona Virus directs you to the WHO website and NGOs working towards containing the spread of COVID-19. On Google maps, it will show the local news and information about COVID-19 according to your location.

Google is also removing many suspicious links, videos, and information from these platforms to fight with COVID-19. Google is not allowing monetization on COVID-19 related content and has asked the same with the Government and other Ad-agencies.

Google has also donated more than 1million USD to the organizations to purchase medical supplies and frontline workers.


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