Here’s How To Enable VoWiFi or Wi-Fi Calling in Your Phone


WiFi Calling Also know as Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) is now available in India. But only for those who are using Jio or Airtel SIM, because no other cellular company providing this feature in India as of now. Using VoWiFi you can call using your WiFi network without any charges. It makes your calling experience better than before, just you have to connect your phone to a WiFi connection.

Screenshot (Using realme X2)

To enable VoWiFi in your phone follow the steps given below

Head over to Settings of your phone. Then go to SIM Card then you will have to select your SIM in which you want to enable VoWiFi. There you will find an option VoWiFi/WiFi Calling just enable it and you are good to go. 

Screenshot (Using realme X2)

VoWiFi is still in initial phase. It depends on you area whether it’s available or not, but don’t worry it is expanding rapidly and will cover all the areas soon. It’s a futuristic way to make a call so it will definitely cover all the area soon.

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