Google Shows Information about Food Distribution Centers And Night Shelters On Its Services In India

Google Shows Iformation about Food Distribution Centers And Night Shelters On Its Services In India

It’s been almost a month since the lockdown of the country was initiated due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Earlier the Indian Government has declared Janata Curfew on 22nd March, as an effort to cut the chain and stop Coronavirus from spreading but as the situations have more worsen, the Government Authorities have taken immediate action with a country-wide lockdown for 21 days till April 14 for the safety of Indian population. This move has left many people stranded without proper food and shelter because of their poverty, while most of them being migrants from other cities and rest are daily wage earners. Though government and local bodies have come up with social campaigns to provide the basic necessities to survive, there’s still a lack of enough information about their locations and availability. To curb this situation, Google has come forward in helping out the Government and people in India by sharing information on these camps on their services like Google Maps, Search, and Assistant.

These services from Google are currently available more than 30 Indian cities and more efforts are being put in to reach out to more cities and bring adequate information to the public on these camps. To get adequate information on such campaigns, Google said that it’s working closely with the local governments as well with the higher-level authorities to help the migrants and all the people in need across different locations of India. Not only that, but Google is also trying to roll out this feature in many languages like Hindi and others to help people of different languages and make it easier from them to search.

Apart from smartphones, these features can also be availed on smart feature phones from Jio, Nokia and others with the help of Google search and Google Assistant. To help out the needy people who don’t own either of these devices, Google made these features available on Google Assistant Phone line, launched last year in Google for India event. Vodafone-Idea users can dial 000 800 9191 0000 and get the required information about food distribution centers and night shelters in English as well as in Hindi.

The lockdown is extended further in many states as there are no signs of decline in the growth of the virus affected people and being known about the situation, we can do our part of vital help by spreading this news to other people and also reach out the uneducated migrant people who are in need nearby out localities and spread the word.



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