Google Photos Now Shows When Your Photos Will Be Permanently Deleted From Trash


Google has been engaged in bringing and updating features of their apps to make them more convenient and user friendly for the consumers and one of such updates is the upgrading it’s trash folder in Google Photos with a new notification showing when does your old deleted images will be removed permanently from the app.

It’s been just a week that Google Photos turned 5 years old and it is still one of the best app from Google till date with its rich features like unlimited backup of photos and videos, albums, recovery mode, in-built editing, user interface and all. Trash folder in Google Photos generally keeps a cloud copy of your delected photos for a time period of 60days and one can recover them anytime, anywhere within the recovery time if they have deleted a photo or an album by mistake. Now this feature has got a slight modification where a user gets to see the exact time in days as such when a photo or an album will be permanently deleted from the trash folder in the app.

Google Photos
Google Photos Now Shows When Your Photos Will Be Permanently Deleted From Trash

Wthis new adaptation a user can always have a quick glance of time available for their deleted photos and can recover the same whenever needed by pressing the “Restore” option and can also delete the same if you don’t feel it necessary any more by tapping on the “Delete” option as shown in the images below.

This feature is already rolled out to many devices widely on Android with the latest version (v4.51) of Google Photos. If someone haven’t received this update yet, need not worry as it will arrive soon on every Android device. Meanwhile, tell us what do you feel about this latest adaptation by Google and how far do you seem it useful.


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