Google Integrates Google Meet Video Service Into Gmail


Google is consistently working to upgrade many features to it’s Google Meet services to win over its competitors and reach outmore people and such an act was it’s recent updates which made the application free to use for everyone which earlier used to be available for customers having G Suite subscription. And recently many users noticed that Google development team has integrated the Meet app directly with Gmail’s email services.

As said earlier above, the new integration feature is yet to be available for evey user as the update has just begun to spread and it will definitely need some time to reachout to end users completely. Google’s intrest in updating its Google Meet services shows its intensity to gain over the internet and be capable enough to overtake it’s rivals like Zoom and Teams.

To recall you about the Google Meet service, it is as similar to Zoom app which became a recent hit in the market due to work from home amid lockdown in several countries due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic but as always, Google has its own set of specialities which make it different from others. In Google Meet we get so see more privacy tools which Zoom and other such online meeting apps lack.

Google Meet has a specialized feature where a person cannot join a unless they are invited by the meeting organizer and if any unknown person tries to join by simply following the link, they need to get the approval of the the host of the meeting or in simple word, the meet organizer. This special feature will stop all the unwanted or random people from joining the personal/private meetings conducted by any individual. In this service, any user with a Google account can create a meeting with around 100 participants going live all at once without any restrictions.

At one end, Zoom app has been in news recently because of its security issues, which is said to have leaked videos and data to China and almost 500,000 logins have been available on sale on dark web. And at other end, Google is trying to bring more secure features to it’s Google Meet services. So as of now it’s hard to say how far can Google Meet compete with Zoom or Microsoft’s Teams. And to all those who are awaiting to receive the Meet integration with Gmail, it’s just few days away to reach out your accounts.


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