Google Camera Go App Launched for Android Go Smartphones

Googles launched a new camera app exclusively for Android Go smartphones named Camera Go. Like other Android Go apps, Camera Go is also light weighted, brings portrait mode to low end devices.
The camera Go app will be first available to the newly launched Nokia 1.3 Android Go smartphone and more smartphones later on. The app will be deeply integrated with the system camera app and it will offer clean, simple and easy to use user interface.
The main feature of the camera go app will be it’s portrait mode and it is targeting the first time smartphone user who are coming from feature phone to offer them good camera experience.
Google said, the app will be available in 28 countries at first. It announced that there are more than 1600 Android Go smartphones are available in the market in more than 180 countries.
Apart from the Camera Go app Google also brought some privacy features to Android Go smartphones. The Gallery Go app will use on device machine learning to organize user’s photos without sending them to cloud.
Xiaomi also has a Android Go smartphone called Redmi Go which is available in India with price tag of Rs. 4,499/-


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