Google Assistant “Read It” Feature Is Finally Here, Can Read The Entire Web Page For Android Users

Google Assistants "Read It" feature can read any webpage with support of 42 languages. Image Credits: Google

Google always amazes us every time when it comes to innovative features. This time Google has introduced a new feature to Google Assistant, called “Read It”. This feature will help those who get tired after long reading of articles.  You just have to remember the four words, “Google Assistant, Read It.” In simple words, if you just command Google Assistant to read any 2000 word web page, it will read it for you, even if or playing or jogging.

This feature has already been rolled out on all Android devices globally.

According to Google, this feature will help with the help of Google Assistant in particular, and introducing this unique feature will definitely be going to help a lot of people.

This feature might please those who may have some difficulty seeing or reading texts on a small screen and lean towards listening articles instead of reading.


This particular feature from Google is beneficial for those people who do not follow a particular language on a web page, Google Assistant can translate content into 42 languages for those readers out of which 11 will be Indian languages


Let’s show you how you can enable this feature on any Android phone.

– First, you have to download the Google Assistant from Play Store if you don’t have it.

Just Give the command to  Google to read the following page, Google Assistant will start reading.

– Google assistant will eventually highlight the text and automatically scroll the page while reading the text and will help you remember how far you have come in the speech.

-Specifically, control the reading speed, so the assistant reads a recipe for you and you can turn it into a slow read to follow all the steps.



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