Facebook Will Let It’s User’s Export Media To Google Photos

Facebook redesign

In the end of last year, Facebook made a major announcement making possible for its users to export their photos and video’s to Google Photos. At the earlier stage, this feature was introduced to limited countries and now the same is available for all the countries making it possible for everyone to save their media in Google Photos.

This tool was found to be extremely useful for many of its users as it helped many to save their memories directly from Facebook without any extra efforts and one need not worry about losing their data even if their Facebook account is locked or lost and even if you want to deactivate your account your can quickly save your multimedia directly into Google Photos unlike the old method, where we need to download the media into the disk and latar upload them again.

This tool is said to be a part of Data Transfer Project, aimed at increasing data mobility and ease of transfer among different online platforms which include big corporate gaints like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Microsoft take part in it.

The process of exporting multimedia is simple wherea user just needs to click on their Facebook information and then select send copies of photos or videos and later after selecting the destination we need to either choose photos or videos as we cannot export both at once. And atlast we need to confirm Google about this task to confirm the export process.

It is said that there will be more places to transfer them in near future as this tool was found very helpful by many.


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