Dolby On App Launched In India Provides Lossless Audio Quality

Image: Play Store

Dolby, a famous audio service provider specialized in noise reduction, audio compression has launched a new app called Dolby On.

Dolby On is a music/video recording and streaming app which is designed to record and stream live on social media platform with Dolby various sound quality technology from your Android device.

Dolby On app launched in India
Image: Play store

The app intelligently reduce the background noise, electric hump, echo and add sound dynamic which is basically a equalizer by which you can customize the bass, treble of the audio.

The audio technology automatically adapt the genre of your music and add depth and dynamic equalizer to your music.

Image: Play store

With Dolby On app you can directly live stream your music audio or video on Facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud.

It has also video filters by which you can add various filters to your video and make the video pop out.

You can install Dolby On from Play storePlay store.


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