ARM Revealed New Cortex-A78 And Cortex-X1 CPU Cores For Android Platform


RM’s recently revealed it’s latest CPU cores Cortex-A78 and Cortex-X1 which are said to be more efficient and give better performance than its predecessor. The newly unveiled Cortex-A78 is based on DynamIQ Technology and will be coming as a successor to Cortex-A77, a flagship core on Arm’s portfolio with 20% more processing power and sometimes it consumes only 50% of the power and gives the same results as the present CPU performance which indeed is a good adaptation.

The new Cortex-A78 has got another interesting aspect where its got 2 x Quad-Core design which makes it fit in with less than 15% of space than Cortex-A77 providing area efficiency. It is said to be coming with Qualcomm’s next flagship processor which might be Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 SoC and even in one of the Samsung’s flagship Exynos processors as well.

Alongside its latest Cortex-A78 Arm unveiled a whole new “performance-first” Cortex-X CPU cores which are aimed at bringing heavy modifications to their cores. Arm stated that one of such and the first CPU from “Cortex-X Custom Program” is the Cortex-X1 which is focused on obtaining best performance and Arm claims that it gives upto 30% high performance when compared to Cortex-A77 and 23% faster at integer calculations than Cortex-A78. As per Arm, the X1 core is a result of “specific partnership” with one or more of its partner companies and is aimed at providing “extreme performance for those willing to pay more” which simply means that it’s way more powerful than the Cortex-A78 and will be mostly seen in flagship chipset’s aimed at gaming performance in the devices.



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