App Search In Play Store Will Show Its Size And Popularity Now

Google Play Store

Everyone knows that the main source to download any app is Google Play Store as it’s a hub to some millions of applications of different categories. In its recent update, Google brings a significant change to its Play Store.

Earlier users had to go through different apps to get the desired one as the store always shows the apps depending on their user ratings and popularity where a user had to check the download size and other details of an app which would be hidden in the background and can only be viewed once it’s opened


And now with the latest update users can also view the required information like the app size alongside its rating and popularity.

Few users might not feel it an awesome feature, but for the few million users it’s a much necessary and useful update as it saves them time and data over searching for the right app. Though this feature is updated but it’s not widely spread yet and it might take some time for this feature to show up on the rest of the devices.


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